How To Make Money As A Consultant In 2018

Have you noticed how big online consultants have got in the past few years?

This is a huge trend and one that is only going to keep going. There are a number of people who are teaching you to do this successfully online and you can take any kind of business really and put it online.

Coaches and consultants can make far more money by actually using the technology that is available today to take their information online and reach a far bigger audience than they ever could offline.

Heard of Sam Ovens?

Sam Ovens (see review of Sam Ovens here) is one of the people who is helping coaches and consultants to do this via his website and the figures he has on the site are quite amazing to say the least.

Sam Ovens has created 24 millionaires, 451 six figure earners and helped 3,123 people to quit their jobs.

He’s not the only person doing this either although he is probably the most well known “coach” to coaches online and has the most successful students.

Tai Lopez Is Another…

Tai Lopez is probably one of the most well known digital entrepreneurs out there. I recently watched a video where Tai confessed to spending around $40 million on YouTube ads to get his name and brand out there.

He’s literally everywhere but he has produced some really cool courses on being an entrepreneur, social media and even real estate.

If you’ve never heard of Tai considering checking out this Tai Lopez review by as they share the real truth on Tai and not some BS review that so many other websites that simply don’t understand Tai share.

Clients On Demand

Clients On Demand is yet another course you can take. In fact it’s initially a free training you can attend that teaches you how to run group coaching sessions rather than working with your clients 1 on 1.

This means that you can save a lot of time.

One of the things that Clients On Demand recommends is charging premium prices because it means you can offer a better service to your clients and also make a lot more money in the process whilst having fewer customers.

If you think about it, if you have fewer customers but ones that pay you a lot more money then you can dedicate more time to them, give them a better service and make a lot more money too, so it’s a win win really.

Coaching Trend Will Only Grow

As you can see there are a number of people who you can follow and learn from. A quick search on YouTube for any of the above recommended people will yield a lot of results and a lot of free content.

I predict that in 2018 coaching is only going to grow as the internet gets more popular and more people realise that they can move their businesses online.

I personally think that if you are in the space where you deal with clients and have the possibility to move it online then why wouldn’t you?

Utilising technology can make you so much more money. Instead of trading your time for money you can take on multiple clients at once and coach literally as many as you want and are able to get.

This means your income can reach a new level that is physically impossible for you to achieve offline working with clients 1 on 1.

An Eye Opener…

Hopefully this article has been an eye opener for you to learn more about consulting and how it can help your business grow in 2018.

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Stock Market Tips Regular People Don’t Know

Lots of people are enthusiastic about the stock market and making money but most don’t really have a clue how it all works and how to be profitable. They stick their money in funds only for some “expert” to play with it and hopefully earn money.

Would it be better if you could know exactly what’s happening with your money? The following information covers some important tips you should consider before purchasing any stocks and maybe risking any of your money in danger. Carry on reading to determine as much as it is possible to.

Good resources for learning about investing:

The idea of keeping things simple works in numerous realms, including making an investment in the stock market.

Stay realistic together with your investment goals. It really is well-known that stock trading rewards don’t happen immediately, which frequently brings about serious reduction in capital.

Stocks are more than just items of paper for selling and selling. While you are the property owner of this paper, you happen to be person in a collective ownership in the company under consideration. This means you rights to company earnings. It is possible to have a vote in determining the company’s leadership and policies when your stock includes voting options.

Exercise the voting rights granted for you have common stock. Voting can happen throughout a yearly meeting held for shareholders or by mail.

When you are facing unemployment or even an unforeseen bill, the account can help you purchase the expense of living.

If you’re targeting a portfolio based upon maximum and long range yields, it is advisable to incorporate strong stocks in several fields of business. Even as the whole market grows generally, not all the sector will grow every year. With different positions through different sectors, you are going to allow you to ultimately see growth in strong industries while also being able to sit things out and wait together with the industries that are not as strong.

A stock which yields two percent but has twelve percent earnings growth might offer you a 14% return overall.

Short selling might be an alternative you should look at. Short selling takes place when you make the most of time.The investor will re-sell the shares which may be bought again once the price in the stock drops.

Don’t invest a lot of into any business in which you help. However, you might feel a little prideful about owning stock through your employer, there are certain risks involved. In case your company goes under or has financial issues, your salary plus your portfolio have reached risk. However, if you can get discounted shares and work with a good company, you could have good reason to acquire.

Many people are under the impression they could get wealthy off purchasing penny stocks, but they don’t consider the money making potential of highly regarded blue-chip stocks.It is ideal to combine your portfolio with bigger companies that show consistent growth, but also consider the growth prospects of bigger and safer companies.

Don’t ignore other beneficial investment opportunities to invest because you’re stock trading. You will discover various other promising investments, like property, property, and bonds.

Start your investing with stocks that are proven and trustworthy before branching out into riskier and potentially more secure investment options. If you’re a new comer to trading, start with a portfolio that consists of large company stocks, as these are typically lower risk. Smaller companies have greater growth potential, but these investments are more risky.

Consider dividends once you take a look at possible stock that may pay a dividend. And in case the price of the stock rises, the dividend is a lot like an extra. Dividends also develop into a source of periodic income.

It might be very tempting to enter the stock exchange. In the event you learn what you can before you start, your results will multiply to the better. Take advantage of the advice within this piece, and you also stand a high probability of making smart decisions.

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Personal Finance Tips For A Happy Life

Are you frustrated because your personal finances have slipped from you? This is definitely common, but it can be eliminated in the event you apply some practical strategies. Here we shall take a look at ways to improve your financial concerns.

Within these turbulent times, it’s wise to have multiple savings plans. Put some inside a secure bank account, more inside a checking space, invest some in equities, and then leave some within a high-interest account. Use all or some of those ideas to maintain your money. It’s always good to have some money put aside for a rainy day just in case.


Using a concrete plan is an effective strategy and acts as a motivational tool, because it will encourage you to definitely work more diligently or decrease miscellaneous spending. Sometimes we can spend a lot of money on pointless things which at the time don’t seem a lot but they all add up.

If you’re within a marriage, have them submit an application for credit instead. If you currently have a negative credit history, build it support with a brand new bank card account which you use and repay monthly. After you have achieved an excellent credit score, it will probably be possible to apply for joint credit. But this is definitely good that you can utilise partners credit.

Try negotiating with collections agents whenever they ask for money. They bought your debt through the original company for much less. They will create a profit even if you do not pay a share of your own debt. Take advantage of this knowledge to your advantage when paying back old debts. We spoke with a friend who had to sell his car and he was able to actually clear the debt for $1,000 less than the original amount so it’s clear that collection agencies will accept lower offers.

If you can help it though come to a payment arrangement before a collection agent receives the debt because otherwise you could end up with a default on your file which will last for many years.

This may sound silly but buy a lottery ticket. For the sake of a couple of $1 per week you could end up with millions. Sure it’s another expense that you could do without but let’s face it, a $100 a year for example isn’t going to change your life but millions could for sure.

Allow yourself a “pocket cash” allowance so you don’t overspend. This can be used cash for whatever you desire (new clothes, and then as soon as the finances are gone, but limit yourself to your allowance. Using this method to enable you to ultimately enjoy little treats without destroying your finances.

Keep your important documents in files gain access to them easily. Keep all of your personal documents for example receipts or insurance papers in one file in order to access them easier.

As discussed earlier, lack of ability to manage your own personal finances can cause a great deal of stress. It is really not challenging to get back along with your finances in the event you educate yourself, and remain ready to accept fresh ideas. Take the advice given here in the following paragraphs and you will be on the right road for achievement with the finances.

Obviously there are ways to increase your income that will allow you to have a better life. Look for ways to increase your income via investments and starting an online business. See our other article categories to learn how.